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The bear exhibition

For just over one hundred years there were no bears in Switzerland, until JJ2, popularly called Lumpaz, appeared in 2005. Since then, more bears have followed him.

In order to prepare the population for a potential return of bears, the Swiss National Park inaugurated the Bear Exhibition at the Schmelzra Museum in 1997. This exciting exhibition offers close looks at the past and allows visitors to discover how bears live, to learn about their biology and the likelihood of their return to the area. The exhibition is ideal for children.
The last bear in Switzerland, shot by Jon Sarott Bischoff and Padruot Fried in 1904, is on show in the historical section of the exhibition. A bear trap, to original scale, shows the horrible way in which bears were persecuted.
In the section of the exhibition devoted to the present, visitors are shown the type of habitat a bear demands, and the distribution of bear populations in Europe today. The latest information concerning developments in Switzerland and neighbouring countries is periodically updated.

Immediately next to the Museum Schmelzra you can find the Bear Adventure Trail Senda da l’uors. 9 interactive stations present more facts about bears. The whole experience takes about two hours to complete and aims at enhancing knowledge of and enthusiasm for the extraordinary skills of our version of Baloo.

The exhibition in the Schmelzra museum was awarded the Prix Media. The jury praised the concept of the exhibition for its realistic approach and educational quality.

The Schmelzra museum also serves as an outpost National Park information point with a digital information system for visitors, a video station and a shop.

An open-air exhibit featuring our great Bear Game offers visitors the opportunity to put their knowledge about bears to the test and learn more.

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Blick durch's Fernrohr in der Bärenausstellung Schmelzra
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