The Swiss National Park app, the digital hiking guide for the Swiss National Park, leads you through the National Park and its surrounding area with stories, information and detailed maps. This means you always have the most important information from the National Park with you, even offline.

Within the Swiss National Park more than 500 information points covering biology, geology and historical facts about the Park and cultural history are waiting to be discovered by you as you hike or meander along. An interesting experience for young and old!

When you’re outdoors, the Swiss National Park app provides you with a wide range of information about a given place. Pictures, texts, podcasts, panoramas, landscape comparisons, interactive quizzes etc. accompany you along various adventure trails on your hikes.

The Swiss National Park app is available for free in German, French and English for iPhone and Android.

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The top features of the Swiss National Park app

  • Detailed descriptions, maps and altitude profiles of all hiking routes in the park
  • A lot of information about the Park: e.g. What does a ranger do?
  • Various offers for children: e.g. Champlönch children’s trail, WWF children’s research trail in Ardez, bear hiking trail Margunet, bear discovery trail Süls stizzis da l’uors S-charl
  • Topical discovery trails: geology, rock glaciers, forest fires, butterflies, Spöl accident
  • Display of exciting info points near you
  • Fascinating random function: get your inspiration!
  • A lot of information about animals and plants (including current information about bear, wolf and lynx)
  • Tourist information (arrival, visitor centre, parking, hotel, etc.)
  • Amazing picture comparisons between past and present
  • 360° panorama views of the most stunning viewpoints
  • Hundreds of other information points on biology, geology, park and cultural history
  • The app works offline for most content


In addition to the much appreciated variety of themes on offer within the National Park, visitors can also use the Swiss National Park app multimedia guide to follow two routes outside the Park.

One of these is a science trail for children that was developed in collaboration with the WWF in 2009 in an area known as the ’emerald zone’ (Smaragdgebiet) behind the ruins of Ardez castle. Smart young scientists will enjoy finding out more about this fascinating protection zone and make interesting discoveries in these ancient surroundings. Can they find the answers to particular questions? For example, why are dragonflies seldom left to live in peace, or how are spiders – such as the wolf spider here in Ardez – useful to humans?

The hike from the Ofenpass or from Lü to S-charl also becomes even more exciting with the Swiss National Park app. Together with the WWF, a question game has been developed along this route, here on the subject of bears. This offer complements the Senda da l’Uors in an ideal way – a bear experience built around the bear exhibition in the Museum Schmelzra in S-charl. On the hike to S-charl, where the last original Swiss bear was shot in 1904, children of all ages can learn about this species and test their knowledge.



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