Nature lies dormant in winter; during this time the Swiss National Park is closed to visitors.

From mid-November onwards there is generally so much snow that footpaths are no longer visible, and there is a risk of avalanches. From now until the end of May the Park remains closed to visitors.

In order to prevent the disturbance of wildlife during the winter, the National Park is not accessible during this season – no skiers, snowboarders or snowshoe walkers. Our rangers occasionally go on patrol.

In winter animals in the wild withdraw to retreats where they can find food and some protection from inclement weather. If left undisturbed by man, their chances of survival are increased, as they do not have to expend valuable energy in flight. In The Canton Graubünden – and of course in the National Park as well – animals are not fed through winter. Scientific research and experience from former decades have made it clear that feeding leads to greater gatherings of ungulates near the feeding places (with browsing damage on trees as a consequence) and also that the unwonted nourishment available disturbs the digestive system of animals tuned to winter economising.

More information about feeding animals in winter (in German).

The main Pass dal Fuorn (Ofenpass) road remains open in winter, ensuring access to the Val Müstair. Along the road, the parking areas within the Park and the Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn are closed in winter.


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