In 1961, on a steep rock slab in the Val dal Diavel, geologists discovered fossilized dinosaur tracks.

In 1981 a detailed study of this sensational find was made. Researchers mapped over 200 dinosaur footprints found on the 220-million-year-old rock slab.

At the upper edge of the slab, a long series of prosauropod prints are clearly visible. Each footprint is 40cm long! Prosauropods had a body length of 5 to 8m and fed on plants.

The rock slab lies at an altitude of 2450m and is very exposed to rockfalls, which is why it is unfortunately not accessible to visitors. However, from the Cluozza hut (Chamanna Cluozza), the larger prints are easily visible with the aid of good binoculars.

New tracks

In 2007 Domenic Godly, one of the rangers, discovered more dinosaur tracks in the Tantermozza valley. There is a reconstruction of these tracks in the National Park Centre where you can take a close look at them.



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